Thousands of people have experienced the potholes near Glade Park, but for the thousands who have never been there, here is a close up look at this popular destination.

The recent death of Colorado Mesa University freshman Austin Worbington at the potholes is a grim reminder of the dangers that can accompany the enjoyment of the great western Colorado outdoors.

While the potholes have claimed a number of lives through the years, countless people have enjoyed the water and the scenery without incident. Many of us, though, have never experienced the potholes and may have trouble envisioning exactly what is there.

You can see in this video a group of  young people at a Fruita Monument class reunion enjoying the potholes. This is what people do there. Some jump, while others just soak.

The BLM says the cold water from the spring snow melt makes this an especially dangerous time for swimmers. It's advisable to wait until later in the year. At the right time, and in the right way, the potholes are a wonderful way to enjoy the natural wonders of western Colorado.

You can clearly see the element of danger does exist -- like many activities we do. If you venture up to the potholes, be aware of the danger, be smart,  and enjoy the water cautiously and responsibly.

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