While the pandemic over the past year has been a real pain for most people living on the Western Slope and across the world. We can choose to focus on all the negative that has taken place or we can put it in the past and try to move forward. It has been nice to see a few good things come from the unexpected restrictions we all dealt with. Including reports showing that more people are volunteering and giving back to their community than ever before.

It's refreshing to hear about our neighbors slowing down their pace of life and remembering to help each other out when possible. And over the past year, there have been many people asking how they can help out so I wanted to pass along the information about volunteer opportunities for the city of Grand Junction.

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What Kind of Volunteer Opportunities are Available with the City of Grand Junction?

Currently, there are four openings that include:

*Please note that these volunteer opportunities change all the time so check here to see what's available right now.

If you've always wanted to give back to Western Colorado just didn't know how to do it any of these positions would be a great way to make that happen. And all positions are a huge help to many people in our community.

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