When you're golfing in Colorado you never know what you'll see.

I've seen deer on the golf course plenty of times over the years, whether it's Adobe Creek in Fruita, Cedaredge Golf Club, or Devil's Thumb in Delta. Rabbits and bunnies are quite common, occasionally you might see a coyote, a snake, or a squirrel.

Geese are extremely common on golf courses because there is always going to be a lake or a pond they find extremely inviting. Geese generally aren't a bother to golfers, although, you do have to be careful where you step.

Recently, I was enjoying a round of golf at Adobe Creek National Golf Course when play was suspended by a gaggle of geese strolling across the green. By my count, there were 19 geese in the bunch - 2 adults and 17 goslings. Obviously, there is more than one family of geese involved - perhaps as many as three.

Are some of these goslings orphans? Have they been adopted by some empty-nesters who want to make sure they get a good start in life, teaching them the dangers, pitfalls, and benefits of living on a golf course? Or is it just a group of goose friends enjoying a peaceful morning stroll together?

I can't really say exactly what the situation is, but I certainly did not mind the momentary diversion from the morning round of golf. I was hoping to get a birdie on this hole, but as it turned out I got 19 of them.

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