Wintertime can be a frustrating and depressing time for western Colorado golfers.

Sure, I know we had a great fall. The weather was great, and even December wasn't bad at all. I played golf four times that month, including the day after Christmas. But, then it all came crashing to a halt. (Cue Foreigner's Cold As Ice.)

Yes, the snow and cold came - and it decided to stick around, signaling the end of another golf season. It happens every year, we just never know when the end is going to come.

The good news here is we live in western Colorado, and with any luck, by mid-February we'll be seeing mid-40s, and the driving range will be calling. However, it's possible these next few weeks could remain especially cold and snowy, and it could be March before we return to outdoor golf. If that's the case, we might as well take advantage of the time to work on our game.

There are a lot of great golf aids out there that you can use indoors that can help you groove a good golf swing and improve your game- you just have to find the one that will work for you. All you need is a place - a living room, family room or garage where you have room to freely swing - without having to hit a ball. Here are five golf aids that could help you get ready to play the best golf of your life in 2020.


I've seen this golf aid recommended by various golf instructors. It helps you to know what it feel like to keep your arms and body connected. It helps stop the over-the-top move, the flying right elbow, flipping, and the chicken wing. It's not cheap, but if it does what it says, it's well worth the investment. Read the reviews and then decide.


This isn't a bad place to start, and for about 10 bucks it's worth a try. The band keeps your arms together and connected to your body and helps promote a one-piece takeaway. The idea is to get used to what that connected feeling feels like so when you swing without the band you are able to keep your arms in the right position. It's essentially a cheaper version of the LC-1.


Too many of us don't spend enough time working on putting and it's costing us strokes every time we play. Eliminate three-putts from your game and start making a few one-putts and you're going to shave at least five strokes off your score. This putting system has gotten some really good reviews and is something you could set up pretty much anywhere - at home or at the office.


If your goal in life is more swing speed - which translates into more distance with all of your clubs, the SUPER SONIC X10 can help. The swing speedometer will register yo to get it to release. ur speed and show you how you are progressing.  You should be aware that there is a loud crack when you release the slider, but that sound tells you if you are releasing the club at impact - or before. The higher the number on the dial, the more speed that's required. My advice on this is to stick with it, use it regularly for the next few weeks and you will see an increase in your swing speed - and your distance.


So you want to get better but you don't want to spend a ton of money, here's one for you. This is an aid that will help fix one aspect of your swing - your wrist hinge, both in the backswing and the follow-through. I keep it one just one of my practice clubs rather than trying to switch it from club to club. You'll see this selling for as much $29.99 or for less than $10 bucks, but it's essentially the same deal - and most of the reviews are excellent.

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