Trying to kill a spider with fire isn't the way most people get rid of the insect. This idiot not only used a lighter to try to kill a spider, but he did it while pumping gas.

The spider likely dies a fiery death, but so did the gas station fuel pump. The man's car also got scorched in the process.

The man admitted he's afraid of spiders, so when he found one inside the fuel door of his car, took out his lighter and lit the spider, plus a heck of a lot more, on fire.

A smart thinking person who saw this used the emergency shut-off to stop the flow of gasoline before the entire place went up in flames.

In a moment of accidental brilliance, this fire bug moved his car out of the way and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

The guy should claim his phobia of spiders has now been replaced by a fear of gas stations. Unfortunately, he showed up at the station the next day.

Instead of banning this moron from the place, the clerks decided to see what he could do to add even more excitement to their day.