One of our many great hikes in the Grand Valley is the Fruita Paleo Area, which provides a quick hike, quick facts, and quick fun!

Sometimes you don't have a lot of time, but you want to get out and do some hiking with the family. The Fruita Paleo area is the perfect destination.

In an hour and a half or less, you can do the half mile loop - and along the way learn some interesting facts about dinosaurs and the bones that have been found in this area. You might even see a fossil or two.

I think I might have found a dinosaur footprint. In my video above (at :44 seconds) you will see an up-close photo of what appears to be a footprint and what looks like a prominent claw or talon on the middle toe. See what you think.

On this hike, you pretty much need to stay on the trail - although if you aren't careful you can end up on a trail that doesn't belong to the Paleo area and the hike ends up being a little longer than  you expected.

What you need to know:

  • It's not strenuous, pretty much anyone can do it
  • There's no shade so wear sunscreen and be sure and take some water
  • It's illegal to take any fossils you may find out of the area.
  • You will find the Fruita Paleo Area, just south of Fruita, about 3.5 miles off of Highway 340.

We have so many great hikes in Western Colorado, and I plan on exploring more undiscovered country this summer.