There's no time like the present to start making better choices for your health and fitness and free workout sessions may be the motivation you need.

This has been a difficult year for physical fitness in western Colorado. Early in the coronavirus pandemic, gyms were shut down. When they finally opened up, masks and facial coverings were required, making cardio workouts essentially impossible. Then came the fires and because of the extremely poor air quality, outdoor workouts have also been more challenging. On top of that, daily temperatures in the upper 90s and triple digits don't exactly inspire outdoor fitness.

I know how difficult it is to get motivated and to stay motivated when it comes to getting into shape and staying with it, especially when it feels like so much is working against you. At some point, it's just so easy to completely give up.

Here is some good news and a word of encouragement. With summer winding down it's the perfect time for a fresh start and to get back on that fitness horse and get back to a more healthy and active lifestyle.

If you have a gym membership, a fitness regimen is much easier to get into and to follow. But, for those that don't belong to a local gym, fitness can be difficult. That's why you should know about five free fitness sessions that are happening during September.

It's being called the Summer Sweat Series and it's being held at Mesa Mall in a private space close to Cabela's. Instructors from Mesa Fitness will guide the weekly sessions from noon until 1:00pm every Wednesday in September. The schedule looks like this.

September 2 - Barre
September 9 - Afterburn
September 16 - Body Flow
September 23 - Afterburn
September 30 - Body Combat

Due to current restrictions related to the pandemic, class size is limited to 10 people per class, which means you need to register in advance if you plan to attend.

If you are unable to get into these classes, I would still encourage you to take this time to start getting into a fitness routine and wrap up the year on a positive note. I know from my own personal experience,  the more active I am physically the better I feel. The less mobile I am, the less motivated I feel and the less I feel like doing anything except downing a box of donuts and a bag of chips.

The fact is, fitness at any level, whether it's doing a full-blown complete body workout, or simply daily walking, requires discipline, determination, and dedication. If it were easy more people would do it. But, I want to encourage you to make a brand new fitness start this fall and get on your way to healthier living. Take that first step.

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