Just like the rest of the year, Christmas 2020 will be one to remember.

It's been such a crazy year - and we have only a few days are left. Only time will tell if 2021 will be any different or better than 2020, and who knows what Christmas will be like next year.

I'm not here to debate the pros and cons of mask-wearing, so let me establish that quick fact right off the bat. I'm only here to make an interesting observation from a recent excursion.

While doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at Mesa Mall, I observed that most shoppers were in compliance with the mask mandate, whether they agreed with it or not. There were a few people from the non-compliance side of things, but that was definitely a small minority. Even Santa Claus was wearing a mask.

What struck me as being extremely interesting were the mannequins inside stores that were wearing face masks. Yes, even the mannequins were wearing masks. I suppose since mask-wearing has pretty much become the norm in American society, it kind of makes sense that clothing stores would want to give their display a little taste of realism. But, will it help them sell clothes?

Another tidbit of realism I noticed, though likely unintentional, is how the mannequin in the above picture is wearing the mask. Not only does the mask not cover its nose, but the mask also doesn't even cover his mouth. Believe me, I've seen plenty of people wearing their masks the exact same way. Of course, whenever you see this you can't help but wonder why they even bother. I guess my point is if you are going to wear a mask, where it the proper way.

As far as the mannequins go we'll have to give them a break. They can only be as good as the people responsible for dressing them. Besides, this mannequin doesn't really seem to have a nose or ears, so I can understand how keeping the mask up at the proper level could be problematic. It's a good thing the mannequin doesn't need glasses.

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