Influenza has hit Colorado hard this season with over 560 people hospitalized since October 1.

According to a Denver Post article, the average number of flu cases in Colorado requiring hospitalization by mid-December is 150.

The report released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) shows as of December 16 the greatest percentage of hospitalizations were in children under age 5 and adults 65 and older. The CDPHE also reports 18 outbreaks of influenza in the state since October 1.

While the largest percentage and number of hospitalizations have been on the Front Range, western Colorado has also had several cases requiring hospitalization. Western Slope counties affected include:

  • Mesa County - 10
  • Delta County - 4
  • Montrose County - 1
  • Garfield County - 5
  • Rio Blanco County - 1
  • San Juan County - 1

If you haven't already gotten a flu shot, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's not too late. The 2016-2017 flu season peaked in February which means the chances of getting the flu are only going to increase. How much is unknown, but what is known is that 3,340 cases of flu required hospitalization during the 2016-2017 flu season.

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