Give your car or truck that "like new" sparkle while benefiting Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley. This Saturday, Grand Junction's Splish Splash Car Wash will donate part of the day's proceeds to assist Western Colorado's homeless families.

Have you been to Splish Splash Car Wash yet? The place is awesome. It's a drive-thru automatic car wash, featuring a wide variety of wash options. They also offer this way-cool machine you feed your floor mats through, and POOF! - they come out the other side all nice and clean.

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Splish Splash Car Wash will donate 20% of the day's proceeds to Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley.

Here are five reasons why you should participate:

  • Get your car washed in time for the first "Mostly Sunny" weekend we've had in a while
  • You'll be supporting a local organization serving local residents
  • Driving through the Splish Splash Car Wash is fun... kind of like an amusement park ride.
  • You'll be supporting local business
  • You can take pride in your shiny car, and pride in the fact you've assisted your neighbors who are struggling through difficult times

Spring lasts a grand total of about eight minutes in Western Colorado, so make the most of it. We're finally seeing a break from the rain and dust, and can expect sun and clear skies this weekend. Now's the time to spiff up your car or truck. Why not help out a neighbor in the process? You can find Splish Splash Car Wash at 2475 Highway 6 & 50.