Western Colorado's furry friends are in need of food, too. A Grand Junction health club is sponsoring a food drive for pets during the month of "Dogust." These are my five reasons why you should donate.

Crossroads Fitness in the Alpine Bank building is hosting the food drive. You'll see the display set up right by the front entrance. You'll notice some donations have already come in.

Have you ever considered donating food to the local animal shelter? I think you'll find it a very rewarding experience. Proceeds will go to Western Colorado's Roice-Hurst Humane Society. You'll note the sign reads "Bring your pet donations all week!" I spoke to the clerk at the gym, and she said the campaign will be going on the entire month of August.

These are my top five reasons why you should donate:

  • The drop off location is conveniently located right in the middle of Grand Junction
  • It's for a local animal shelter, Roice-Hurst
  • Shelter pets don't have homes, let alone toys, blankets, treats, etc....
  • Needed donations include items you may already have in abundance at home
  • Wouldn't you like to know someone was thinking of you?

Upon seeing this sign at the gym, I went home and searched through my pantry. My little dog died last September. As it turns out I have three cans of quality dog food, a 10 lbs. unopened box of Milk Bones dog treats, and at least four or five unopened dog toys. I'll round them up as soon as I get out of the studio tonight and take them down to the gym.

The photo below is from my dog's birthday party last year. My brother gave him the box of Milk Bones for a present. Unfortunately, my dog died shortly afterward and didn't get to enjoy them. Now, maybe another dog will.

Fluffy dog treats birthday 2017
Waylon Jordan

Let the cats and dogs at Roice-Hurst know you're thinking of them. You may have excess dog food around your house. Please help support this local shelter and all the homeless animals with your donations.

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