Western Colorado's Riverfront Trail is awesome 365 days a year, but you'll probably find it to be at its best in the winter. Here are five reasons why you should definitely hit the trail this time of year.

The Riverfront Trail system offers paved walkways and bike routes which you'll find accessible to just about anyone. They are brilliantly laid out and very well maintained. With that being said, chances are you'll find the trails to be at their very best when there is snow on the ground.

When other trails are muddy and unusable, the Riverfront Trail is at its peak. Take a look at the photos above. What do you notice?

  • There are NO footprints in the snow. You can have the trail pretty much to yourself.
  • The temperature is cool, but not so cold as to make it unpleasant.
  • The snow really compliments the Western Colorado landscape
  • All of the awesomeness of the region is there, but with the added awesomeness of snow.
  • You can feel like a Coloradan as you enjoy the mountains, the river, the wildlife, and snow.

Keep in mind, most of the trailheads for the Riverfront Trails offer free parking. Okay, some of them get a little muddy this time of year. Chances are, though, you'll find parking with close access to the pavement. The photos above are near the trail head just South of the Mesa Mall.

Make the most of the trail system, but by all means, use it during the winter months. The trails at higher elevations are incredible but are often muddy in winter. Using trails when muddy not only messes up your shoes, it messes up, and harms, the trails.

Western Colorado is fortunate to have the Riverfront Trails. Use them! Get out and enjoy every chance you get. Your investment of time will be minimal. The amount of enjoyment you'll experience is infinite. The next time it snows, hit the trails!

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