According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 2.5 million people die every year in the United States, which means about five people die every minute. What is it that's killing Americans?

Before we answer that question, let's get a clear picture of what 2.5 million people is.

First of all, we can break it down to nearly 7,000 people per day in this country that pass from this life to the next. That's 285 people every hour, and nearly five people every single minute of every single day. Mind-boggling isn't.

Of course, we all know that heart disease and cancer are the leading killers in the United States, with nearly 700,000 deaths so far this year. According to the real time current death toll, tobacco has killed over 200,000 people this year, and obesity has downed more than 177,000. But, what else is killing us.

Medical errors have accounted for more than 121,000 deaths, and there have been more than 57,000 deaths due to hospital associated infections.

Here's more:

  • Suicide - 22,798
  • Drunk Driving - 19,504
  • Drug Abuse - 14,426
  • Homicide - 9,692
  • Texting While Driving - 3,455
  • Drowning - 2,259
  • Domestic Violence - 842
  • Shot By Police - 637
  • Smoking in Bed - 450
  • Falling Out of Bed - 345
  • Killed by Falling Tree - 86
  • Struck by Lightning - 47

All of us are going to die one day, though we don't know when, where or how. And, honestly, I doubt there's any among us that even want to think about that.

But, with these figures in mind, the next time you find yourself complaining about life, a co-worker, the line at the grocery store, the traffic, or your spouse, take a moment and think about those five people in this country that are dying every single minute. Maybe your circumstances won't seem so bad.