With the cost of living on the rise,  it seems like, nowadays, a person can't even afford to die, so you might be interested to learn how you can have your remains cremated for free with Science Care.

Seems like funerals and caskets have always cost an arm and a leg, and it's not getting any cheaper. Cremation has risen in popularity in recent years in part because it's cheaper than buying a casket.

In many cases, free cremation is the best option, and that's what happens when you donate your body to science. That's what Science Care is all about.

The first step is to determine if science wants your body, and this is accomplished through a medical screening over the phone. Once your body is accepted for science research, Science Care does the rest, at no cost to you. Colorado is one of the states where the donor incurs no expense.

Science Care picks up the body after death, files the death certificate, and after needed tissue or organs are harvested, the remains are cremated and returned to loved ones.

There is a difference between donating your body to science and being an organ donor, but with Science Care, you can actually do both. If you are simply interested in being an organ donor, your best bet is to contact Donate Life Colorado.

Saving money might not be the best reason to want to donate your body to science, but it is definitely one reason for doing it.

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