Nothing says 'I love you' like a love song, and I'm sharing with you five of the most romantic songs of the 70s.

The decade of the 70's was filled with so many great love songs, and Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to reflect back on the music that still gives us wonderful memories of young love, tender moments, and  broken hearts. There are all kinds of love songs -- rockin' love songs, sad love songs, sexy love songs, happy love songs, and on and on. Today I'm sharing with you my picks for  five of the most romantic  love songs of the 70's.

Some might even dare call them sappy, but I would propose to you that every romance needs a little sappiness. Take a few minutes to listen, enjoy, and remember.

  • 1

    You Take My Breath Away

    Rex Smith

    Rex Smith only had a couple of hits, but scored big with this top 10 hits from the forgettable movie "Sooner or Later" starring Rex Smith and Denise Miller. This one definitely is definitely dripping with romance.

  • 2

    Just the Way You Are

    Billy Joel

    From the album "The Stranger," this top 10 hit won the 1979 Grammy for Record and Song of the Year. This is such a great song lyrically and musically -- it's about unconditional love, acceptance and about being real and genuine. And, any time a love ballad features a sultry saxophone, the romance is oozing.

  • 3

    Three Times A Lady


    Lionel Richie is unquestionably the master of love song writing and singing. After leaving the Commodores, Richie scored 13 consecutive top 10 hits in the 80's including great love songs like "Endless Love" with Diana Ross, "Truly,"  "My Love" and "Stuck On You".  But, since my list is from the 70s, these great love songs don't receive consideration. Some would argue that "Three Times A Lady" is a sad love song in which the lovers have gone their separate ways. But, for me, when he talks about "now that we've come to the end of our rainbow," I think it means coming to the end of the "honeymoon" part of the relationship. Maybe the warm fuzzies and  feelings of infatuation are gone, but, still, the moments in life I cherish the most are the ones spent with you.

  • 4



    I first learned of this song when I was singing in the high school concert choir. At the time, I had no idea it had been a top 10 hit on the radio .I guess I'm a sucker for sappy love songs and this certainly qualifies for our list. It seems to be an attempt to put into words feelings of  love that are almost indescribable.

  • 5

    You Are So Beautiful

    Joe Cocker

    Co-written by Billy Preston, this was an easy pick to put at number one. Simple lyrics, simple melody, simply love. No one does it as good as Joe.It's guaranteed to melt your lady's heart.

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