Five of the worst stretches of highway in Colorado are located in Mesa County and these roads are in desperate need of improvement.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says 80% of Colorado's highways have moderate to high drivability life, which means they are in pretty good shape. However, 20% of our roads have what they call low drivability life, which means they have less than four years of acceptable driving conditions.

On the map, pink lines indicate low drivability life, blue is moderate, and green would be the best roads.

Colorado Highway Conditions

Unfortunately, pavement doesn't last forever and roads deteriorate over time with use and weather. Roads are expensive to maintain and repair, which partly explains why many roads never receive adequate improvements.

Here are five stretches of highway in Mesa County that CDOT says fall below the standard for at least moderate drivability life based on smoothness, cracking, rutting, and safety.

HIGHWAY 6 - Clifton to Palisade

HIGHWAY 141 - Clifton to B 1/2 Road

HIGHWAY 50 - From the Riverside Parkway to 29 Road

HIGHWAY 340 - Grand Junction to Fruita

HIGHWAY 50 - Grand Junction to Mack

CDOT says it is looking at ways to extend the life of Colorado's highways, while at the same time deal with a shortage of available revenue.

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