Today (March 24) is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. Here are five fun facts about a healthy snack that tastes so much better surrounded by chocolate.

While the exact historical origin of chocolate covered raisins is unknown, the most famous of chocolate covered raisins, Raisinets, were first made by a candy store in Philadelphia in 1927.

Nestle purchased the rights to manufacture Raisinets in 1984 and at last count makes 21 million chocolate covered raisins a day.

Every single chocolate covered Raisinet is polished to make it shine.

A special seedless grape grown only in one part of California is used for many of the chocolate covered raisins sold in the US.

When boxes of chocolate covered raisins were first sold in movie theaters, the theater paid 1.25 cents per box and sold the boxes for a nickel.

So, celebrate National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day with a big box or bag of the sweet treats and maybe a movie to go along with them.

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