As the temperature goes up, so does the consumption of ice cream. With all the flavors available how do you choose which one to eat? It appears the choice is pretty easy and very basic.According to Baskin-Robbins, the most popular ice cream flavors are vanilla and chocolate. Chocolate chip, either mint or regular is also very popular.

A check and some sampling at Grand Junction area ice cream stops yielded pretty much the same answer although variations on basic vanilla ice cream, like the Blizzard from Dairy Queen, which allows customers to blend in their favorite candy, cookies, fruit or nuts are a big hit.

Enstrom reported brisk sales of their Almond Toffee Ice Cream that starts with vanilla and blends in chunks of their world famous toffee. Surprisingly, one of their other top sellers combines ice cream, graham crackers, and bits of chocolate into a concoction they call Graham Central Station.

Still can't decide? Then head to the grocery store and grab some Neapolitan ice-cream. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry all in the same container can't be beat.

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