Normally, you'd need a license to fish in Colorado. This weekend is an exception because the waters in the state are open for fishing, no license required.

The free fishing weekend (June 2-3) is for anyone who just wants to get out and throw a line in the water for some serious angling, as a way to relax or maybe try fishing for the first time.

The weekend hosted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is designed to get families outdoors for a fun activity and catch one of a number of the state's cold and warm water species of fish.

CPW offers some great resources for both new fishermen and seasoned anglers. Here are a few of them.

For novice fishermen, CPW has a list of fishing basics and a Bait Fishing Basics video.

Even though fishing is free, anglers must still abide by all of the other Colorado fishing rules and regulations. Once you've looked this over, grab your gear and try to catch a trophy fish or one you can cook and eat as a delicious way to end a day of fun.

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