I have to admit – I’m a big kid at heart. So, when I read about a certain soccer team, my heart skipped a beat.

Apparently, there’s a soccer team from northern Finland called FC Santa Claus – yes, that’s the actual team name.

The team was founded in 1993, its colors are red and white (what other colors would it be?), and comes from Rovaniemi, which is the capital of Finnish Lapland near the Arctic Circle. The region has a snow cover normally from October to April, and claims to be Santa’s home.

Over the weekend, FC Santa Claus was promoted to the third tier of Finnish football after beating Rotuaarin Pallo 1-0 on Sunday. According to team spokesman Jouni Toyras:

we're happy to show people that we're in this for fun, but we also take it seriously as you can see from our fine result."

How’s that for an early Christmas present?

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