Oof. It was announced on Monday, November 1 that the Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller would be traded to the Los Angeles Rams and, well, it's not going over super well with Broncos fans for obvious reasons.

Miller has been one of the most notable players on the team for several years, being a Super Bowl 50 MPV, eight-time pro bowler, and seven-time all-pro (to name just a few).

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So when news broke that the Bronco would soon be a Ram, fans had a lot of emotions to deal with, and what better place than Twitter?

A gif is worth (at least) 1,000 words, probably more. 

And custom memes have been made in record time.

Some Colorado sports fans are now ditching the Broncos altogether. 

The Broncos may need some ice for these Twitter burns. 

Some fans even want #58 to be retired. 

Who's next? Don't even think about Kyle Clark. 

While this news came as a shock to most of us...

...Others seem to have maybe seen it coming.


In other news, Rams fans are stoked. 

Even Twitter is getting in on the excitement. 

But for the most part, it's just a sad day for football-lovin' Coloradans. 

This morning, Miller said goodbye to his teammates at the team's facility in Denver. 'When I said 'Broncos for life,' I meant that,' Miller said as he left.

You can read more about Von Miller's trade to the LA Rams here.

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