Over this past weekend, we knew that lots of people would be out of their house enjoying the nice weather but also taking in the color change that is going on as we make the switch from Summer to Fall. Beyond the color changes, you can tell that temperatures are changing as well with the mornings having cooler temperatures than we have experienced in a while.

With so many changes taking place, we wanted to see all the fall photos from around Western Colorado. We know there is so much beauty where we live and really wanted to get a collection of photos together and show them off. There were quite a few photos that we're sent our way, thank you to everyone who sent posted a photo for us.

Some of the photos are from on the Grand Mesa, some are taken while on a scenic drive, others were taken in people's back yard but all are beautiful shots. Seeing a group of photos like this will make you take a second to realize how lucky we are to live here in Western Colorado.

Okay, enough talking about them, here is the list of the beautiful fall scenery that surrounds us.

Beautiful Fall Photos of Western Colorado

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