Whoever thought of combining our love of trains with our love of Christmas should get a medal.

The Polar Express isn't just a pretty cool Christmas movie, it's something you can enjoy with your family, coworkers or just by yourself.

Taking pages right from Chris Van Allsburg's book, the train is dressed up in holiday fashion with special cars, treats and more all delivered by personal chefs who will read the book aloud as the train travels to the "North Pole". Add in the fact that Santa Claus himself visits every car along the way and you get a great sense of the season as well as a really neat train ride.

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Not only is Durango a pretty town all its own, but it is transformed by the Polar Express and the spirit of Christmas. And taking a ride on the Polar Express will give you chills just like when you were a kid.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season and take a ride for Christmas.

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