It's a little creepy to think that a service professional in your home might be delving into your personal belongings, but that's reportedly what happened recently in Lakewood, Colorado.

Whether it's a plumber. an electrician, a carpet cleaner, or a furniture delivery person, we are used to having strangers in our home and most of the time there is no problem. But, the reality is, you never know exactly who it is that's walking through your front door.

Woman Says Exterminator Stole Her Panties

A woman in Lakewood, Rhiannon Lashell, recently alleged that an exterminator tried to sneakily steal two pairs of women's panties while spraying for bugs in her home. She says the man went upstairs to spray, while she stayed downstairs. About five minutes later she made the discovery.

Lashell told KDVR that when the man came downstairs a pair of panties fell out of his bag and she realized it was her underwear. A few minutes later, a second pair fell out and she became fearful. From there, she says, she grabbed the panties off the floor,  the man finished the job and she walked him out, but he returned a few minutes later.

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Alleged Panty Thief Returns To the Scene

She says she saw him coming and locked her bedroom and bathroom door while talking to the police dispatcher. Apparently, nothing more happened as police arrived and she filed a report. The exterminator was interviewed over the phone and denied the allegations. The bug killer was reportedly suspended while an investigation is conducted.

It Pays to Exercise Caution

You hate to be suspicious of everybody. but when you are letting strangers into your home you can't be too careful. A good rule of thumb might be to assume good intentions - but, expect the worst. Your watchful eye might be enough to prevent any possible unfortunate incident. A home surveillance system might also be worth some peace of mind.


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