Crested Butte lives up to its gorgeous mountain town reputation. Although it is a small town, there is no shortage of things to do and places to explore. 

Make sure to take Kebler Pass and take your time. This is a gorgeous drive, with much beautiful pull offs and picture moments. When  you see a sign for Lost Lake, take the two-mile drive to find it. Once you get to Crested Butte, there are lots of options for adventure.

Stroll Down Elk Ave: Most of the shops are locally owned and operated, not to mention that each building is different and so colorful. A gorgeous view of mountains surrounds the downtown area.

Hike. There is no shortage of hike options in the area, for all levels of hikers.
6 easy Crested Butte hikes that are close to town
Complete hiking guides for Crested Butte

Drink Coffee: Coffee lovers can enjoy some of the best coffee in Colorado, with two shops that roast their own beans.

Take A Ride On The Lift. Skiers can enjoy the scenery in the winter, but take a lift during the off season to enjoy the views all year round. You can mountain bike down, hike back, or take the lift back down. It's not free to ride the lift up, but the views are spectacular. 

There is a gorgeous, and mostly easy hike, once you get to the top of the lift. It is about one and a half miles to the top (3 miles round trip) and I will let the photo gallery do the talking.

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