Grand Junction teachers have recreated the intro from the TV show 'Full House.' Watch Ponoma Elementary School teachers recreate the 'Full House' intro.

Ponoma Elementary School is doing their best to make sure that their students are still having fun, even with remote learning in quarantine. The school has posted numerous coronavirus videos, using tunes from 'The Lion King' and 'Frozen.'

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The elementary school is back at it again and this time, it's the 'Full House' intro. Teachers at Ponoma Elementary school have recreated the into from Full House, They've got the theme song 'Everywhere You Look' playing and have recreated the opening credits.

Here are a few of the Ponoma Elementary School teachers you'll see in the video and what they're doing in this recreation of the 'Full House' intro:

  • Mrs. Fischer is reading to her two kids
  • Mrs. Smith is petting a chicken
  • Mrs. Forkner is playing piano
  • Mrs. Roehm is serving up some delicious dinner
  • Mrs. McKinley is feeding her goats
  • Mrs. Osborne is brushing her horse
  • Mrs. Stansbury is potting some plants

There are a lot more Ponoma Elementary School teachers in this video and you can't help but smile when you watch it, especially with the 'Full House' song playing. The end of the video says 'we miss you Ponoma students!' Watch the video of Ponoma Elementary School teachers recreating the Full House intro below:

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