Drunk drivers in Mesa County have the highest average blood alcohol content in the entire state of Colorado.

The Persistent Drunk Driving Program shares the stats on it's website showing the average drunk driver in Mesa County has a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .176, which is twice the legal limit.

If that is the average, there must be some really drunk drivers out there.

While the average BAC in Mesa County does lead the state, the fact is, it is not that much higher than many other counties which are in the .14 to .17 range.

In fact, only two counties in the state have an average BAC of less than .13.

The fact is, when drunk people drive, they are extremely drunk.

On the one hand, we should not be surprised at the numbers in Mesa County with 587 DUI arrests in 2013, considering the number of drinking events that take place in the county from Beerfest, Winefest, Southwest Fest, and Country Jam, among others.

However, that is not to say that those events are responsible for all the drunk drivers, but just to say that Mesa County is, in fact, a drinking county.

Apparently, there needs to be an increase in awareness of the dangers and the consequences of drunk driving. I'm not telling anyone not to drink, but it's imperative that drinkers employ safe drinking habits, drink responsibly, utilize designated drivers, self-police by recognizing impairment, and not getting behind the wheel after drinking.

How many people have to die before we start taking drunk driving seriously?

When in doubt, don't!

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