October DUI arrests in Colorado were frighteningly high, due in part to those who got behind the wheel after drinking too much while celebrating Halloween.

The Colorado Department of Transportation reported 375 drivers in the state were arrested for suspected driving under the influence over the Halloween weekend. In 2016, 325 people were arrested for DUI over the Halloween weekend.

If that isn't frightening enough, during the 'Fall Festivals DUI Enforcement Period' of September 15 through October 23, arrests totaled 1,837. That's over 22 percent higher than 2016 and an average of 47 arrests per day.

The Colorado State Patrol, Denver Police Department and Colorado Springs Police Department topped the list for the most arrests.

Closer to home are the DUI arrests for some Western Slope counties that were part of the statewide totals according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. The arrest numbers listed are the total arrests law enforcement reported to CDOT in that county.

Fall Festival September 15 through October 23 / Halloween October 27 through November 1

  • Mesa County - 88 / 9
  • Delta County - 5 / 1
  • Montrose County - 5 / 6
  • Garfield County - 38 / 4

The legal limits for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in Colorado are 0.05 for Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) and 0.08 for Driving While Under the Influence (DUI).

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