For those living in Colorado, making the trip from the Front Range to the Western Slope in winter can be tons of fun. Imagine driving a rig through the Colorado mountains in winter. Now you can, from the safety of your couch.

Make the Drive Along Colorado's I-70 Through Eisenhower Tunnel

Driving across Colorado is fun, most of the time. In the middle of a snowstorm, not so much. I remember driving from Grand Junction to Denver on May 11, 2014, and encountering weather exactly like what you see in the video above. Let me say again, May 11.

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No matter how you look at it, if you're driving through Eisenhower Tunnel, you have to deal with a climb, followed by a steep downhill grade. There's no getting around it. Well, actually there is, but that's even scarier.

I'm Getting Hooked On These Videos

The Youtube video series from Riding Shotgun is fascinating. You get to travel roads, usually interstates and highways through Colorado, from the cab of a semi. The beauty of it is someone else is doing the driving.

Keep an eye out for questionable, even reckless driving on behalf of other motorists. Hogging the passing lane doesn't cut it. Hogging the passing lane doing 10 MPH in fresh snow and low visibility is even worse. From the cab of this truck, you can see it all. The driver of the truck doubles as your emcee, offering play-by-play reports as to what's going on in front of you. This is valuable stuff.

Westbound and Down

As he says in the video, he's westbound and down, top-heavy, and easily "rollover-able." Put simply, he has a top-heavy load rolling through the Colorado mountains in adverse weather. Personally, I'd have an anxiety attack. This guy is cool as ice.

Thanks for another great video, Riding Shotgun. Until now I was getting a case of cabin fever. I haven't been over the mountain in a long time. This video gave me my fix.

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