The Western Diamondback rattlesnake that thrives in the hills of Northern Colorado is an ever-present threat to those who enjoy the mountain trails and live outside the city.

My cousin lives near Horsetooth Mountain. Over the weekend she had a rarely seen event happen on her back deck. Two male rattlesnakes engaging in a "combat dance".

From what I learned, the combat dance or battle is a wrestling match. This is not a physical battle, rather a psychological battle. Neither snake is wounded in this dance. The winner will get to mate with a nearby female. The loser will flee the area.

My cousin Sandi is an advocating voice for Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue and a human who respects nature more than most. Many people would want to remove these snakes or kill them upon sight. Not, Sandi, she stands by the fact that critters were here first.

Sandi Good of Fort Collins
Sandi Good of Fort Collins

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