Mowing the lawn just got a whole lot cuter.

While doing a report recently on some bad weather that had hit the region, Andrea Martinez of KYTX found this pooch sitting obediently in the seat of a lawnmower in the town of Malakoff.

It's unclear whose dog it was or if it was even on property belonging to its owner.

What is clear is this pup is ready, willing and able to get to work. Cut the lawn, rake some leaves, take out the garbage. Whatever it is, he's on the case. If only more of us could have this kind of eager assistance when it comes to keeping our homes in order.

And you can bet parents of rolling-their-eyes, addicted-to-their-phones teenagers would certainly like to see their kids display this kind of enthusiasm.

Yup, this is exactly why we say dogs are man's best friend.

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