When we go places we like to take our pets with us because they give us comfort and are always cool to have around.

Until we have to get out of the car, that is. Once we get out of the car, the clock starts ticking for our furry friends. And that is exactly what happened in Rifle.

The owner of the pet stated she went to visit a friend but left the engine running and the air conditioning on to make sure the dog didn't overheat. That idea in and of itself could keep the dog alive on a hot day in the car unless the engine stalls.

That's what happened. The woman visited her friend for well over an hour and meanwhile, someone came across the car, engine not running and the dog dead inside.

Dog Dies In Hot Car In Rifle
Data from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

We say it a lot because it bears repeating. Don't take your pet with you if you plan on being out of the car for an extended period unless you take your pet with you. Leaving your pet inside a car, even on a day when the temperatures are in the 80s can kill it.

Every year hundreds of dogs and children die from being left in a car that is going to get mighty hot in the summer. So one more time, do NOT take your pets with you if you have to leave them in the vehicle.

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