I'm not saying Western Colorado needs another festival - but do you think there's room for one more?

The folks in Nederland, Colorado - west of Boulder- have a unique festival every year called Frozen Dead Guy Days. The festival celebrates a guy who was cryogenically frozen and is apparently being stored on dry ice in a shed on the private property, waiting for science to bring him back to like and cure the heart disease that ended his life in 1989.

The first weekend of March in Nederland is dedicated to the festival which features a polar bear plunge, coffin races, and all the other things you would expect at a festival like music, food, and vendors. The thing about the coffin races is that you don't want to drop the dead guy.

I guess western Colorado's answer to Frozen Dead Guy Days would be Mike the Headless Chicken Days which happens June 2 and 3 this year in Fruita. The festivals are similar. In Fruita, thousands of people gather to pay homage to a headless chicken who lived longer than he should, while the folks in Nederland celebrate a man who died but hopes to live again.

On second thought, we probably already have plenty of festivals on this side of the hill - but kudos to the folks in Nederland for finding a unique reason possible to have a festival.

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