A new logo means new street signs. But why?

In a project that could take up to two years and cost well north of 10K, Grand Junction is getting new street signs. The city changed it's logo 15 years ago but is just now getting around to adding it to street signs around town. The project is underway along Horizon Drive and that part of town.

My question is why? According to The City of Grand Junction engineer, "...an effort just to make them more aesthetically pleasing." Why put the logo on at all?

The new signs are more reflective than the old ones which are supposed to help drivers at night. Who really reads street signs? Doesn't everyone navigate with the GPS in their phone or perhaps the "old school" windshield models?  The new reflective upgrades were supposedly part of the reason for replacing the signs.

The City says there are about 500 out there with the old logos. The signs that don't have any logo were made at a time when the City switched logos but decided to leave them off altogether. How about we go back to that plan? Leave the logos off entirely and we won't need to change them at all. It just seems a poor use of city time and revenue. But what do I know? I'm not from here and the only way I can find anyplace is on my phone.

Credit: KJCT 8

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