Valentine's Day should be a time of happiness, sweetness, and good times, but that isn't the case if you have one of these 12 Valentine phobias.

The fact is, interaction with the opposite sex can strike fear into the hearts and minds of men and women alike all across the Grand Valley. This could have something to do with apprehensions about physical contact, emotional vulnerability, or a variety of possible phobias.

In my case, back in the day, it was the fear of not knowing what to say to a girl. I liked girls a lot but never knew exactly what to say. Consequently, I was labeled the "quiet guy."

So, here are 12 phobias that can be connected to love and Valentine's Day. Does one of these apply to you?

  • ORINTHO-APIPHOBIA - Fear of the Birds and the Bees
  • EREUTHOPHOBIA  - Fear of Blushing
  • OBLIGAPHOBIA  - Fear of Commitment
  • ANLOPHOBIA  - Fear of Flowers
  • ZELOPHOBIA - Fear of Jealousy
  • AMORAPHOBIA - Fear of Love
  • GAMOPHOBIA - Fear of Marriage
  • AROTOPHOBIA - Fear of Physical Love
  • HEDONOPHOBIA - Fear of Pleasure or Fun
  • HAPHEPHOBIA - Fear of Touching or Being Touched
  • GYNOPHOBIA - Fear of Girls
  • ANDROPHOBIA - Fear of Boys

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