When it comes to college sports we all know about football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and softball- among others - but did you know fishing is a college sport, too?

Of course, the aforementioned sports are all fully sanctioned NCAA sports at institutions like Colorado Mesa University all across the country. But, at CMU there is an entire gamut of what are referred to as Club Sports including disc golf, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, rodeo - and yes, fishing, a favorite past time for many in the Grand Valley.

Club Sports generally are almost entirely paid for by students through student fees, and receive little, if any, assistance from the respective institution.

CMU's Josh Worth and Kennedy Kincade have been competing this week in the FLW College Fishing National Championships in South Carolina. The winner receives a new boat and an entry into the Forrest Wood Cup, the top fishing tournament on the FLW tour. Cash prizes for 2nd  through 5th place range from $2,000 to $5,000. Bass fishing is the only sport at CMU that receives prize money for top five tournament finishes.

Unlike the thousands of screaming fans at the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there's mostly likely no cheering section standing on the shores of the lake screaming and shouting when an athlete hauls a big ol' bass into their boat.