The Denver theme park Water World is open for the weekend after closing down because of possible water contamination.

According to FOX 31, untreated water at Water World may have affected drinking fountains and ice, and may have affected some of the pools. A power outage and broken valve may have allowed water from an irrigation pond into the domestic water supply.

Here's part of the official statement from Water World:

The reason we voluntarily decided to close the park Thursday is that we want to make absolutely sure that we have addressed any and every possible issue. We are extra chlorinating all the water in the park, flushing out all drinking fountains and concession equipment and basically doing a sanitizing reset on the entire park. Safety of our guests has always has been our top priority.


In our 39 years of providing water fun to the community, this is the first time we have ever had this type of issue at the park. We appreciate your confidence and thank those who have expressed as much to us.


The park was completely closed on Thursday as a proactive measure to get all of the concession areas sanitized.

Anyone who visited the park on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday could be affected by the contaminated water with symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. As of Wednesday evening, no illnesses had been reported, but symptoms could manifest as much as 45 days later.

Anyone who possibly had plans to beat the heat this weekend and enjoy the water should have no worries. It will be business as usual - or water fun as usual - when Water World opens at 10 am Friday.

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