A Denver man tried to help his neighborhood by trimming some overgrown bushes. His HOA didn't see it that way and charged him over $1,000 for trimming bushes.

We have unfortunately heard lots of HOA horror stories from people in Grand Junction. Shea Bramer told us how his HOA fined them for not picking up their dog's poop from their yard less than 30 minutes after their dog went number two.

Sara Sanchez on our Facebook says she received a notice from her HOA to take down her holiday wreath (which she says was just a winter wreath with frosted tigs and pinecones) on January 1st -- wow. Danielle Loushin on our Facebook says that her HOA told her she couldn't park in her driveway and we have no idea why.

Here's another HOA horror story, and this one happened in Denver. Curtis Eckhardt was trying to help his neighborhood in Denver out by trimming some overgrown bushes. According to Curtis, the bushes were so overgrown they were covering about 1/3 of the sidewalk.

A few weeks later, Curtis received a letter from his HOA's attorney and a hefty fine. The charge was about $1,075 because the HOA stated that they now had to remove and replace the bushes because of how he cut them, according to The Denver Channel.

Curtis says that it's his HOA's job to trim the bushes and not his and he wishes that they would actually do it. He is paying the hefty fine of $1,075 because according to The Denver Channel, the HOA could put a lien on his house if he doesn't pay it.

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