I just don't understand how someone could hurt an animal, especially a puppy. It makes no sense to me.

24-year-old Stephen Swett was charged with two counts of cruelty to animals when his puppy named Kayle had multiple injuries.

The puppy was brought to the MaxFund Wellness Center not once but twice.

The first visit was back in September 2018 when Kayle couldn't keep her food down and had a discharge coming out of her eyes.

The second visit was about a month later when the owner and his girlfriend said that the puppy was having trouble breathing and had collapsed.

Animal Control was called when the intake worker from Maxfund expressed concern with the pup not being able to breathe and felt some broken bones.

According to Beth McCann from the Denver District Attorney's Office, the x-rays showed Kayle having an old and new rib fracture, a broken femur, a spinal vertebrae fracture, and a collapsed lung.

Kayle undertook a major surgery and survived. She's now 11 months old, has a new name and has new owners that have new four-legged friends for her to hang out with.

"Charging Swett gives this puppy a voice," says McCann.

Which I most certainly agree with.


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