Delhi, Colorado is a small community located in the southeast region of the state sitting in Las Animas County. If you've heard of the place before it was either because it is the location for a 1973 film called Badlands with Martin Sheen acting in it. Or, it's because you know that Delhi is the last location that has a wigwag railroad signal.

If you're not familiar with what a wigwag signal is, according to Wikipedia, it got its name for its pendulum-like motion used to signal the approach of a train. First invented in 1909 as a safer railroad crossing signal by California engineer Albert Hunt, the wigwag was once very common across the United States.

Over the years as more consumers switched to automobiles as the main source of transportation these crossings were eventually upgraded which made parts very difficult to find. These train signals are now very collectible and demand a huge price for any collector trying to add to their collection.

As of 2013, Wikipedia reports that the wigwag in Dehli, Colorado is the last one working on a mainline railway.

If all of this interesting information isn't enough to make you want to take the drive to see it for yourself, check it out in the video.

You have to admit, that would be really cool to see in person. If you're in the area of Dehli, Colorado, make sure you see the last wigwag train signal still operating.

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