This is the legend of Pat Lynch, who was a hermit of what is now the Dinosaur National Monument. Pat is known for allegedly taming animals like a mountain lion.

Pat Lynch was born in Ireland and came to the United States in 1853, according to the National Park Service. He was in the Navy until 1862 and then in the Army until 1870. Pat was discharged in Colorado and moved to the Dinosaur area in the mid-1870s.

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Legend says lived like a hermit by the Yampa River and lived in caves for 19 years or so. Pat Lynch had numerous caves in the Dinosaur area and also built a couple of cabins in the area.

Pat Lynch allegedly lived like a coyote and was known for taming wild animals. He would use almost anything to make jerky. Pat had a number of animals that he tamed including beaver, deer, and even a mountain lion.

Legend says mountain lion would kill a deer and bring it to him from time to time and would respond to Pat's call with a cry. Pat was a hermit but still helped others sometimes and people liked and respected him.

According to the National Park Service, Pat Lynch liked to leave his signature in the places he frequented, and you can see his signatures in the sandstone to this day.

Below is a picture of Pat Lynch, the hermit of Echo Park/the Yampa River and Dinosaur National Monument.

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