Snowboarder [2]

ThinkStock[/caption]In a case of a ski adventure gone bad, a hit-and-run collision on the slopes at Keystone has left a skier with multiple fractures.

According to the Post Independent, a snowboarder collided with a skier on the mountain and then slid away. The skier, identified as Jenny Elma, an instructor at Keystone, reportedly suffered multiple fractures in her tibia, a broken fibula, and a cracked meniscus.

The snowboarder responsible has not been located, but the incident serves as a reminder to ski and snowboard enthusiasts about the responsibility that comes with being on the mountain. The Colorado Ski Safety Act requires people who are involved in a collision on the slopes to give their name and number to a member of the ski patrol.

Each skier expressly accepts and assumes the risk of and all legal responsibility for any injury to person or property resulting from any of the inherent dangers and risks of skiing;

Each skier has the duty to maintain control of his speed and course at all times when skiing and to maintain a proper lookout so as to be able to avoid other skiers and objects. However, the primary duty shall be on the person skiing downhill to avoid collision with any person or objects below him.

A criminal investigation, which is rare on the slopes, has been launched in the case as authorities seek to identify the snowboarder responsible for the collision.

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