We know about the joints, the brownies, the cookies, and the chocolate bars but could pot pizza be the next marijuana offering in Colorado?

For those that want, or need to ingest marijuana, but don't want to smoke it and don't want sweets, pizza seems like a logical solution.

A medical dispensary in Massachusetts has come up with their own pot-infused pizza for those that are looking for an alternative method of getting their "fix."

The Cannabist reports the 6-inch cheese pizzas are selling for $38 each, and contain 125 milligrams of THC in the tomato sauce. Apparently, you can add toppings for an additional cost.

In Massachusetts, recreational marijuana is not legal (yet) so only those with medical marijuana ID cards can buy the pizzas.

In a state like Colorado with legalized pot, pizza pie seems like a good idea for the marijuana community, though you are not going to find it at your favorite pizza joint (no pun intended). Still, it can't be long until the dispensaries start sending out marijuana-infused take and bake pizza.

Personally, I'll be sticking with traditional pepperoni and sausage.

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