Pubilc input is currently being sought through a survey of a possible community center in Grand Junction.

Public meetings have been held to receive public comment in an effort to gauge support for a community center in Grand Junction. Now, a written survey has gone out to help measure public support - or lack thereof, for such an undertaking.

The survey was mailed last week to a randomized list of 4500 registered Grand Junction voters as part of the feasibility study. If you did not receive a survey postcard and would like to participate,  you can do so online.

In this confidential survey, you will be asked a series of questions about your household,  your use of recreational facilities, and your opinion on what features should be offered at the community center. You will also be given the opportunity to make comments and suggestions.

Grand Junction Parks and Rec, and PLACE (People for Local Activities and Community Enrichment) will use the results of the survey to test specific sites, amenities, and costs to ensure that a proposed community center accurately reflects the needs and wants of the community.

I expect that there will be strong feelings on both sides of this particular issue, but my gut feeling is there will be pretty widespread support for a Grand Junction Community Center among residents. I have heard public outcry on this matter for quite a long time.

You are welcome to share the survey with friends and family. Keep in mind, the deadline for completing the survey is May 7.

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