Grand Junction's Parade of Lights is this weekend, but we wanted to check out what other parts of the state are doing with their parades, so without further ado, the tour.

Pueblo has had their parade already, so we wanted to start them off on our tour. This video is from last year's parade. Creativity is always the most fun part of a parade don't you think?

This parade is so cool they do it twice. Friday and Saturday you can head to Denver to catch one of the best parades in the state. 16th Street Mall is the place.

The pageantry of the Salida parade also includes the lighting of Christmas Mountain. What a great tradition and a great parade!

This year's theme is "Do you hear what I hear?" and will be held on Saturday. A short trip for a great parade!

For 22 years, Greeley has amazed residents with this colorful parade celebrating the season.

If you can't get out for this year's Grand Junction Parade of Lights, Enjoy all of these. Happy Holidays!

Bonus Video:

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