Colorado's marijuana scholarships have become a reality for 210 students.

Many communities across the state have been reaping the huge benefits of marijuana tax, and now a number of Colorado students are benefiting as well.

The Cannabist reports 210 students in Pueblo County have each received a $2,000 scholarship generated from the tax on marijuana. Coincidentally, the total amount of scholarships awarded from the pot money totaled $420,000.

These scholarships are available only to graduates of Pueblo County high schools who plan to attend the local community college or CSU-Pueblo. It's possible that other communities and educational institutions are watching what's happening in Pueblo, and we could see others follow suit.

Recreational and medicinal marijuana is here to stay whether you are a supporter of it or not. More are realizing this and are willing to lay aside their feelings about pot to take advantage of its lucrativeness. Perhaps the day will come when the city of Grand Junction realizes this and students of the Grand Valley will be able to enjoy the benefit of recreational tax dollars.

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