Have you ever wanted to have the feeling of flying? If you have or if you want to, I got the perfect idea for you. I am talking about Colorado Zip lines!

I am going to give you some of the best places in Colorado to go for an incredible day of zipline action.

First off we will Start with Durango and its Soaring Treetop Adventures. Not only does it have a zip line that goes right over the water, it also is home to 27 different zip lines to try out for yourself. It is also home to the longest zip line of its kind in the US.

If you're taking a road trip to Denver I am certain that you have seen this one before. I am talking about the Cliffside Adventure in Idaho Springs. This one has a free fall where you step off the ledge and fly!

This one is my personal favorite and it is only in Glenwood. This is a little bit more unique than the others. After going down the zip line you must cross a suspended bridge to get back and do it all over again! I suggest to do it with the whole family.

This next one up is located in Castle Rock, This one is one I probably would like to visit the most. They travel over 1.5 miles and have 10 lines for hours of fun. They also have a double zip line, so when you feel like racing this will allow you to do just that.

My final but certainly not last choice for incredible zip lining fun would have to be Captain Zipline Adventure Tours located in Salida. This one was listed as on of the top 10 zip lines in America. To make you want to go a little more you also will be zipping over an abandoned mine shaft. How cool is that!

These are my choices for top zip lining places to go. now go out and have some fun this summer!

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