The fishing season is upon us, and anglers across the state are gearing up for what they hope will be many successful excursions in 2017. 

Colorado is blessed with an abundant amount of available water for fishing and there should be no shortage of fish this year. With nearly 3 million fish being added to the mix in addition to what is already available, there should be plenty of fish to go around.

Here's an interesting look at Colorado waters by the numbers as given by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.


The number of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds located in Colorado


The number of stream segments in the state


The number of miles of Colorado streams, not counting streams on private land

2.9 million

The number of catchable-sized trout that Colorado Parks & Wildlife will stock across the state


The number of high mountain lakes that will be stocked by aircraft and/or packhorse with 400,000 cutthroats

11 cents a day

The annual cost for residents to fish in Colorado (license - $26, habitat stamp-$10second-rod stamp if desired- $5)

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