Attention out-of-towners! If you're coming to Colorado to enjoy our Rocky Mountain High (read: smoke pot), you might want to take it easy when consuming.

recent study shows that people visiting Colorado are making more visits to the emergency room after consuming marijuana. This number is higher than people who live in the state.

According to experts, the study can't exactly pin marijuana for these visits. During the visit, marijuana could have been mentioned at one point, but it may not have been the initial reason for the visit.

After reading the study, we couldn't help but offer some advice to you out-of-towners visiting this rad state to indulge in our legal flowers. Here are a few things you should remember when taking the pot at elevation:

  1. You're not from here and are not acclimated to the higher elevation. Trust us, this isn't a myth and affects "lowlanders" differently.
  2. Our weed is some of the strongest in the world. Seriously. This isn't the schwag weed you get from your buddy back home. Our stuff is the real deal, Holyfield.
  3. If you're gonna devour an edible, start with half -- or even a quarter -- of the delicious treat. Wait at least an hour or so before you take more. If you don't you could be in a world of hurt.
  4. When in doubt, ride it out. Dude! You might just be tripping balls, enjoy the trip. Isn't that why you're partaking?

Enjoying a bit of the hippy lettuce while in Colorado is fine, that's why it's legal here. Just know your limits -- indulge a little less than that when you're here --and have a good time.

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