Trains have always held a certain fascination for me. Seeing the old steam engines always made me nostalgic for John Wayne films. And the modern locomotives are just amazing with the power they have.

So for those of you who, like me, love trains, here are a few trips you can take to satisfy your love of these trailblazing homages to a simpler time.

One of Colorado's most scenic and historic railroads. Wind your way through the Rocky Mountains in a classic ride. This trip will reopen on April 29. Just in time for spring.

Rides through historic and scenic La Veta pass are one excellent way to take in the beauty of the southern Rockies. From tunnels to high elevations, there are many photographic opportunities, especially Horseshoe curve! In addition to the scenery, the railroad also has a concert venue set up during the summer. Keep checking to see who's playing.

See the gorge from the floor. What an amazing, beautiful trip this is, made that much better because, well, you are ON A TRAIN. Stunning views, open air cars and more. Enjoy.

Colorado was settled, in part because of trains. Get out there, ride one, or ALL of em.

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